4TH International FUTUWAWA Competition – „Look at the Square”

3D view

Four Fountains Square

Jan Kowalewicz, Leszek Wiśniewski

The area of the Palace of Culture and Science is one of the most important places in Warsaw, almost the synonym of the city centre. This type of thinking seems to be logical, but it is not good for the city. Big cities do not have a centre - this is rather typical for small towns and villages. Big cities have central areas – spaces rather than the points where the life of the city is concentrated.
Despite all its flaws, the area around the Palace of Culture has a lot of interesting elements that are worth preserving or that should be re-set in the local context, while improving the biggest drawback of this area - an overwhelming excess of empty space.

This project is based on the idea to recreate, as faithfully as possible, the grid of pre-war streets, while making a reference to the currently existing arrangement.

This reference is not coincidental. The area around the Palace of Culture should cease to be an "island" – a quarter cut off from the rest of the city with wide streets. The city centre should also stop being an "archipelago" of such "islands".


This is, of course, only a rather bold suggestion. However, let's not be afraid to discuss it not only during the debates.


Jan Kowalewicz, Leszek Wiśniewski