4TH International FUTUWAWA Competition – „Look at the Square”

3D view

MODziSz (Miejskie Ogródki Działkowe i Sztuki) [Urban Garden Plots of Art]

kolektyw PALCE LIZAĆ /Dominika Wilczyńska i Barbara Nawrocka/

Discussions about the city centre and its role in shaping the image of the city? We are covering all of it with a green chequered tablecloth and we are setting the table. We are distributing equal garden plots. We are inviting artists for artistic residencies. We are organizing exhibitions in the basement of their house. We are organizing seasonal attractions.

We are not going out with art into public space. We are entering with space into art.

We are playing with the legacy of the previous regime and the new rule.

Rather than bury the past, we suggest making our national asset out of imperfect, yet peculiar remnants of the communist regime. A business card, unique in the world.



kolektyw PALCE LIZAĆ /Dominika Wilczyńska i Barbara Nawrocka/

female architects as a collective // on very serious matters in public space in a very unserious matter